a sad woman looking out at the rain

Are You Sad or Depressed?

Knowing the difference between sadness and depression is vital in getting the care you need. If you are sad or depressed, you must be feeling awful, and there are ways to tackle both….

natural mood enhancers a pineapple with sunglasses

16 Natural Mood Boosters

As a person with a mood disorder, I am always searching for new ways to improve my mood, so I am pleased to share these natural mood boosters with you. If you suffer…

milk and oats for beating sad good mood food

Top 6 Mood Foods For Seasonal Affective Disorder

There are certain foods we need which are packed with nutrients to help improve seasonal affective disorder. I call them mood foods as they can impact significantly how we are feeling. You can…

guest writer

Travelling With Anxiety

I want to thank Jojo Hall for her great guest post on travelling with anxiety. The hints and tips will help those prepare for travelling to destinations, and managing anxiety when there. Have…

bowls of food for fighting stress

15 Foods To Combat Stress

If you find you are beginning to get stressed, you might start looking at your diet and introducing these 15 foods to help combat stress. Food can be seen as medicinal as it…

jigsaw with a hand holding the last piece autism

The Originator of a Journey – Undiagnosed Autism A Tale of Two Parts

I want to thank Valerie Montgomery for her article which is a combination of parts between discovering both her relationships have been touched by undiagnosed autism and how her clients also present their…

covid 19 and mood disorders

News: The Risk of Severe Covid 19 and Mood Disorders

If you have a mood disorder such as bipolar, you may find the current research on Covid 19 very relevant. You have a greater risk of severe Covid 19 if you have a…

woman shocked at the things bad for mental health

20 Things Which WON’T Help Your Mental Health

There are plenty of things that will help your mental health, but what are the things which won’t help your mental health. Maybe you are doing some of these things and wondering why your mental…

bipolar mixed episode personal story

Why I’m Angry at Bipolar Disorder!

I’m angry at bipolar disorder as for the past week; I have been having mixed episodes; I nearly took myself off to hospital it was getting so bad. Out of the blue, it…

questions about depression a woman wonders

8 Depression Myths and Facts

The internet is awash with depression myths and facts. I felt I ought to set the record straight about what depression is and what it isn’t. It often amazes me that people promote…

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Coping With Mental Health Life Changes

How do you cope with mental health life changes? I’ll try to guide you through how I cope with bipolar disorder and anxiety, from the stigma which still exists in pockets, unfortunately. To…

a group of people dancing with arms outstretched

What Is Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance movement therapy, also known as DMT, is carried out by a professional therapist to help with anxiety and depression. It allows people to feel better within themselves and helps to release negativity….

woman on scales weighing herself to see if obese

What Is The Link Between Obesity and Mental Health Issues?

Is there a link between obesity and mental health issues? When I first discovered a piece of research regarding this, I thought, another thing that can cause mental health problems is all I…

an array of herbs and a pestle and mortar for bipolar

7 Herbs For Bipolar Disorder

I have never considered herbs to help with bipolar, and it intrigued me that some people use them as a natural remedy for the condition. Herbs for bipolar disorder come in various forms,…

man pretending to be an imposter with a fake moustache and sunglasses

Are You Suffering From Imposter Syndrome?

Do you feel like a fake that you have got the job or the recognition by sheer luck? Well, this is what it feels like if you are suffering from imposter syndrome. I…

creativity on a wall and a woman standing in front of it

Being Creative Without Hypomania

I’m at my most creative when I am hypomanic, and if truth be told, I kinder like it. It is the most liberating feeling in the world but being creative without hypomania is…