dart board for goals and life purpose logotherapy

Logotherapy Can Help Your Mental Health

Finding your meaning in life, no matter the circumstances, is what logotherapy is all about. It can help with many mental disorders. It was developed by Victor Frankl when he was a survivor…

therapy session evaluating therapy

How To Tell If Therapy Is Working?

I’m not very good at talking about my feelings, so it takes me ages to tell if therapy is working, and I have had a lot of treatment for bipolar disorder. I hope…

woman in a schema therapy session

What Is Schema Therapy, And Will It Help You?

If other types of therapy haven’t worked for you, then Schema Therapy (ST) might be a good option to consider. It is an integrative therapy designed for those who need to work on…

a group of people dancing with arms outstretched

What Is Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance movement therapy, also known as DMT, is carried out by a professional therapist to help with anxiety and depression. It allows people to feel better within themselves and helps to release negativity….

bipolar therapy options, man with head in hand and therapist talking to him

What Are Your Therapy Options for Bipolar Disorder?

There are several therapy options to consider when you have bipolar disorder, and I have tried a few of them and I’ll give my viewpoint on which one works. Your therapy options for…

natural cures for depression, two knees with happy faces

How To Treat Depression Naturally

If you are resistant to taking antidepressants, how do you treat depression naturally? You’ll be pleased to know that there are alternatives to taking medication for depression, and I have sought out as…

the word treatment spelt out in colourful letters

3 Treatment-Resistant Bipolar and Depression Options

I was searching for options for my bipolar depression, which does not seem to be lifting, and I thought my findings for treatment-resistant bipolar and depression options would be helpful to you. I am…

unsplash sunlight coming through a field of grass and flowers

What Is Bright Light Therapy: Bipolar Disorder

The first time I had heard about light therapy was an article on a sleep website, and it interested me as bright lights are not conducive to my bipolar so much like Sherlock,…

unsplash image of cbt session

What Is CBT? – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

So what is CBT? It is one of the most common therapies offered, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is used for a variety of conditions in psychology. It is most useful for depression…

unsplash hairbrush and head massage tools of brush and argan oil

Hairbrush and Head Massage Therapy

This is a fun and calming therapy; the hairbrush and head massage therapy are my own invention. I want to say it is a complete game-changer in the anxiety department, and I think…

music therapy light show

What Is Music Therapy?

What is music therapy, you may ask? I only discovered this form of therapy the other day, and I’m already planning ways in which I can use this therapy in my daily life….

therapy options, woman and man in therapy session

Schizophrenia and Therapy Options

I was asked to cover schizophrenia and therapy as I write a lot about therapies for depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. As it is a condition I was unfamiliar with, I have carried…

personal responsibility walking on the edge of the road

Personal Responsibility – Being True to You

Self-esteem and confidence stem from personal responsibility. It is nothing new but many of us, myself included, who lack a good image of ourselves suffer from poor personal responsibility. So what is personal…

coping skills for stress and anxiety - jigsaw pieces

Coping Skills for Stress and Anxiety

We all get stressed at times, some of us more than others; these coping skills for stress and anxiety will help you discover how to solve the problem of an overly stressed mind….

radical self-acceptance woman laughing at life

Why You Should Practice Radical Acceptance

If you are prone to worrying about situations outside of your control, you need to practice radical acceptance. If you have never heard of it before then, you are not alone, but you…

therapies for anxiety and depression

6 Alternative Therapies for Anxiety and Depression

There are alternative therapies for anxiety and depression rather than relying on medication. If you have serious side effects from the medication, you may want to consider alternatives. I personally have to take medication for…