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The Sort of Positive Ways Bipolar Has Affected My Life

I thought I’d look at the more positive aspects of bipolar, there isn’t many, but there are a few that make the illness bearable at times. The sort of positive ways bipolar has…

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The Originator of a Journey – Undiagnosed Autism A Tale of Two Parts

I want to thank Valerie Montgomery for her article which is a combination of parts between discovering both her relationships have been touched by undiagnosed autism and how her clients also present their…

bipolar mixed episode personal story

Why I’m Angry at Bipolar Disorder!

I’m angry at bipolar disorder as for the past week; I have been having mixed episodes; I nearly took myself off to hospital it was getting so bad. Out of the blue, it…

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A Mums Mental Health

I want to thank Erica for her wonderful Guest Post on a Mums Mental Health, it is truly inspiring, and will be a help to other mums who might be going through the…

woman with a blank mind and cortisol

When Your Mind Goes Blank!

For the past two hours, my mind has been blank. Mental illness can do that to a person; it is usually called brain fog when your mind goes blank. However, the little episode…

bipolar disorder what is it like, woman on swing over waterfall

What Does Bipolar Disorder Feel Like?

Bipolar disorder is often described as being on a rollercoaster you can’t get off. But what does bipolar disorder feel like, and how can you be more empathetic towards those with the illness….

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Extreme Stress and The Effects On Mental Health

A personal story by Moz Perkins about how extreme stress affected him. It is a poignant read, and is a warning to us all about the dangers of stress and spotting the signs early. I want…

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Living With A Chronic Mental Illness

I live every day with bipolar disorder, a chronic mental illness, and although it is not constantly on my mind, it impacts me daily. At the time of writing, I am not balanced,…

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Living With Depression and Anxiety

I want to thank Sarah who has written a guest post on the blog, all about her mental health issues, how she is living with depression and anxiety, and how she has managed…

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How Feeling Unwanted Led to Suicidal Ideation

This article is from a wonderful Guest Writer, Unwanted Life, who has bravely shared their story of suicidal ideation and self-harm throughout the years and how they have come to terms with it….

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Bipolar A Mental Illness: You Can Thrive

If you have been diagnosed with bipolar, the first thing which may spring to my mind is that your life is over. You will never have a normal life again. But you will….

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Bipolar Self-Management – What I Do!

For me, bipolar self-management is the only way I know how to deal with the illness. I’m fortunate to a certain extent that I can function quite highly with it; I know others…

a head with a black and grey stripe effect and one head is bright colours to signify bipolar

Living With Bipolar Disorder: 7 Ways It Affects My Life

Living with Bipolar Disorder since my diagnosis in 2002 has been a journey of highs and lows with the odd five-year spell of stability. I have experienced delusions, a psychotic episode, depression, mania,…

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Being A Mother With Bipolar Disorder

Being a mother with bipolar disorder is not the easiest thing in the world, and my son is all grown up now and approaching his 19th birthday at the time of writing. But…

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You’ve Been Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder – What Now?

If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the world may be caving in on you, or like me, you found it a relief to know that your erratic thoughts and behaviour has…

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The Struggles of PTSD

I want to thank Jane Murray for her immersive post into the world of PTSD, and the struggles of PTSD. Her eloquent article had me gripped from the start, and I hope you…