walnuts in a bowl and on a spoon for fatty acids to help bipolar disorder

Bipolar: Fatty Acids May Improve Your Mood

Research has discovered that eating a diet high in fatty acids may improve your mood if you have bipolar disorder. They found that some of the symptoms of bipolar lessened when the participants…

blue image manic depression bipolar

What Are The 3 Types of Bipolar Disorder?

There are three types of bipolar disorder, although some say there is five. Bipolar is an illness I deal with daily, and I have the label of bipolar disorder I. It’s the only…

positive bipolar disorder woman touching a smiley face

The Sort of Positive Ways Bipolar Has Affected My Life

I thought I’d look at the more positive aspects of bipolar, there isn’t many, but there are a few that make the illness bearable at times. The sort of positive ways bipolar has…

woman with a daisy for hope

Depression: Turning Hopelessness into Hope

If you are depressed, you may be experiencing hopelessness, it is a horrid feeling, and I want to help you turn hopelessness into hope based on what I do when I am depressed….

a sad woman looking out at the rain

Are You Sad or Depressed?

Knowing the difference between sadness and depression is vital in getting the care you need. If you are sad or depressed, you must be feeling awful, and there are ways to tackle both….

covid 19 and mood disorders

News: The Risk of Severe Covid 19 and Mood Disorders

If you have a mood disorder such as bipolar, you may find the current research on Covid 19 very relevant. You have a greater risk of severe Covid 19 if you have a…

bipolar mixed episode personal story

Why I’m Angry at Bipolar Disorder!

I’m angry at bipolar disorder as for the past week; I have been having mixed episodes; I nearly took myself off to hospital it was getting so bad. Out of the blue, it…

questions about depression a woman wonders

8 Depression Myths and Facts

The internet is awash with depression myths and facts. I felt I ought to set the record straight about what depression is and what it isn’t. It often amazes me that people promote…

creativity on a wall and a woman standing in front of it

Being Creative Without Hypomania

I’m at my most creative when I am hypomanic, and if truth be told, I kinder like it. It is the most liberating feeling in the world but being creative without hypomania is…

medicine box with lots of tablets for bipolar

Bipolar: Manage Mood Stabiliser Side Effects

Managing mood stabiliser side effects is a job in itself. I am prone to getting a myriad of side effects when I am prescribed these. But how do you manage the most common…

winter sad symptoms, gloves with a snow heart

Winter Seasonal Affective Disorder

Some people become sad in winter, which also ironically stands for seasonal affective disorder. It is also known as winter depression or seasonal depression and can make the colder months quite intolerable. My…

How to Stop Being Depressed

Feeling depressed is atrocious, and all you want it to do is stop, but how do you stop being depressed? Well, I spend a lot of time being depressed, and there are certain…

woman sitting on the edge of her bed looking sad

What Are The 9 Early Signs of Depression?

There are early signs of depression you need to look out for in yourself or others. They can range from changes in your sleep pattern to problems with your concentration. If you want…

woman organising her antipsychotic medication

Medication: Managing Antipsychotic Side Effects

Managing antipsychotic side effects can be fraught with problems; I have personal experience when it comes to managing the impact of medication, and I have learnt over the years when to call the…

help depression tips, a hand with mist brain in it

Things to Do When You’re Depressed

I don’t know about you, but when I’m depressed, there is not a lot I want to do. Coming up with things to do when you’re depressed is difficult, so I wrote this…

when your partner has bipolar

What to Do When Your Partner Has Bipolar

When your partner has bipolar, you may be wondering what you can do to help. The first thing is to realise that they are the ones who need to manage it, and this…